Rules and Regulation


Our School Rules & Regulations

  • Students must enter the school premises punctually before the assembly bell rings. 
  • Students must attend the school regularly. In case of illness or unavoidable situation, the guardian should endorse the reason of the absence with his/her signature in the school diary before or on the day of the absence. 
  • Students must attend the school on the last day before a long vacation and the first day after such vacation.
  • Students with less than 90% attendance will not be allowed to sit for any examination incase of such absence without proper explanation. 
  • Students should bind their books and cover them with plastic or plastic coated brown paper. 
  • Students must come to school in proper uniform mainly to enhance the child’s personality and discipline. 
  • Students must appear for all the Tests and Examinations. No test or exam will be repeated for those who stay absent from the school on the day of the Test or Examination without prior information
  • In full proper uniform, Students are not allowed to use any cosmetics, coloured clips and ornaments.
  • Students are strictly pohibited to bring any magazines, autograph, photo album, mobile set and other valuable things.
  • Students must converse only in English inside the school compound mainly for the development of good spoken and communicative english.